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Reliable Newport Beach Personal Injury Attorney Fights for Clients

Knowledgeable California lawyer aggressively represents accident victims

If you have been harmed in an accident caused by the negligence of another person, you need an attorney who understands the challenges you are facing and is ready to take on the person or company responsible for your suffering. At Kevin P. Crockett, Personal Injury Attorney in Newport Beach, I am dedicated to helping my clients move forward. Whether you are pursuing a claim due to the wrongful death of a loved one or you were hurt in an incident involving a motor vehicle, a slip and fall or a dog bite, I am here to fight for your right to recover damages and will do everything reasonably possible to make sure you do.

Skillful personal injury lawyer works to hold defendants accountable

My firm has the knowledge and dedication your case needs to get a fair hearing and clients have chosen my services because of the following qualities I bring to each matter:

  • Aggressive litigation advocacy – I will keep pushing back against insurance companies and aggressively advocate for the maximum amount of compensation.
  • Strong settlement negotiation skills – Most personal injury claims are settled before trial due to litigation costs and the uncertainty of a jury verdict. I know how to approach settlement negotiations and push for a recovery amount that truly reflects the severity of your injury.
  • Commitment to personalized service — If you go to a large law firm, you may be directed to deal with paralegals and other assistants. I work directly with you, giving your case the close attention it needs to yield the best possible result.

The combination of aggressive representation and personal attention I give to each case will give you the best possible chance of holding the responsible party accountable.

Thorough personal injury firm aims to secure fair payouts

Newport Beach residents can depend on my firm to handle personal injury claims involving:

  • Vehicle accidents ꟷ Operating or sitting as a passenger in any type of vehicle puts you at risk of injury. My firm knows how to investigate an accident and effectively litigate for recovery from the other driver. I handle all types of accidents, including ones involving auto, bicycle, motorcycle and trucking collisions.
  • Pedestrian accidents ꟷ The harm suffered in pedestrian accidents can be particularly severe, with some causing head impact wounds such as traumatic brain injuries that potentially lead to comas and even death. In these cases, I push for the maximum amount of compensation.
  • Products liability ꟷ Items sold to the public should be safe for use. If you suffered an injury from a defective product, my office knows how to file a products liability claim with a view to holding all potentially involved parties responsible.
  • Wrongful death ꟷ As a dedicated advocate, I work to help family members recover compensation for lost wages, funeral expenses and the loss of the deceased loved one’s companionship as part of a wrongful death claim.

For clients who have been attacked by someone’s dog, I also provide fierce representation and press for your right to compensation in dog bite claims. No matter what type of claim you’re filing, I will fight to protect your best interests.

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Kevin P. Crockett, Personal Injury Attorney in Newport Beach is ready and waiting to help you with your personal injury claim. Call my office at 310-660-7343 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation.

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